4K Slim Bezel
Interactive Flat Panel Display

Interactive Flat Panel Display

The “Eight-in-One” device combines the functionalities of a conference tablet, projector, screen, electronic whiteboard, TV, computer, tablet, set-top box, sound system, camera, and microphone. It features a dual Android+Windows system for seamless switching and compatibility, an embedded high-resolution camera and microphone array for remote communication, a 4K writing whiteboard, an intuitive UI design, advanced security features, and convenient maintenance. With wireless screen mirroring, document annotation, VIP reception capabilities, and a sleek design with narrow bezels, it caters to a wide range of needs for offices, classrooms, and presentations.

Eight in One

Intelligent interactive education all-in-one machine integrates nine device functions: projector, screen, electronic whiteboard, TV, computer, tablet, set-top box, learning machine, and audio system;

Dual System

Android+Windows Dual system one click switching, strong compatibility, can install various software, meet office, teaching, training, display and other needs, with a wider range of applications


The UI resolution of the user’s Android homepage interface is 4K ultra-high definition, with a more textured and delicate image quality

4K Writing Whiteboard

Using ±1mm high-precision original handwriting and personalized stroke writing technologies, with single-point/multi-point one-key switching. When writing with a single point: 1 finger for writing, 2 fingers for zooming, 3 fingers for dragging, palm for erasing, copying, inserting 2D and 3D graphics, inserting tables for table drawing, writing with different pen sizes, and intelligent recognition of regular script fonts. It’s as you wish, with the ability to add pages, preview, save written content, and share via QR code.

Android USB Permissions

Android USB Permissions: Enable USB permission, lock USB port. When inserting a USB flash drive, a password is required to open the USB drive [password can be set by the user].

Internal magnetic attached infrared touch pen:

The touch pen has embedded magnets, which can be directly attached to the corresponding positions on the front frame, making it more convenient to pick up and put down for writing.

Document annotation

Directly read various file formats such as PPT, Word, Excel, PDF, etc. After annotating on any interface, save locally or share via QR code.

Wireless screen mirroring

5G ultra-fast screen casting for phones and tablets. For Android, download screen sharing software; Android screen mirroring supports audio and video casting. For IOS, directly mirror screen through AIR PLAY. Wireless screen mirroring for laptops, with bidirectional operation, requiring a wireless screen sharing device; supports simultaneous four-way screen mirroring.

VIP reception

Zero-cost production of a welcome ceremony display for every visitor, and after signing, save locally or share via QR code

 Voting software

Allows participants to interact with the all-in-one machine using their phones and vote for one or multiple individuals. The all-in-one machine displays the current vote count.

Built-in professional hardware self-check maintenance tool

Supports detection of touch frames, PC modules, light sensing systems, and provides problem cause prompts for different modules. Features include system optimization, device parameter, and device temperature information display.

Uses plug-in Intel-80pin slots

Intel-80pin slots support universal OPS computers with standard 80pin interfaces. Maintenance and upgrading of OPS computers are more convenient.

Five-finger screen-off, three-finger follow

Supports five-finger screen-off, five-finger wake-up, distinguishing ECO mode; three-finger floating bar follow-up, making operation more convenient.

Front three-way USB sharing interface

Front three-way USB sharing interface, which is shared by Android and OPS computers. Two USB 2.0 ports, one
USB 3.0 port

One-key start

Three-in-one button (energy-saving, environmental protection, and extended lifespan).

Exterior design

1.37cm ultra-narrow edge design, with rounded corners for humanized safety considerations.
Panel infoScreen Size55 inch65 inch75 inch86 inch98 inch110inch
Display Area(mm)1210(H)×680(V)1429(H)×804(V)1650(H)×928(V)mm1895(H)×1066(V)mm2158.85(H)×1214.35(V)mm 2436.48(H)×1370.52(V)mm
Contract Ratio5000:15000:15000:15000:15000:15000:1
Response times8ms8ms8ms8ms8ms8ms
Viewing Angle89/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/89
Aspect Ratio16:0916:0916:0916:0916:0916:09
Life Span30,000 hrs30,000 hrs30,000 hrs30,000 hrs30,000 hrs30,000 hrs
Touch PanelSensing TypeInfrared System (Multi 20 points IR touch) 
Response Times≤10ms≤10ms<10ms≤10ms<10ms<10ms
Surface Protection 4mm thickness Tempered Glass 
Touch surfaceAnti-glare coating, low-friction touch surface 
 Android or PC windows  
Android ParameterCPUAndroid 11,1.5 GHz, Quad Core A55   G52 MP2
ROM32GB Standard
USB1 input
WiFiWIFI  802.11b/g/n
Android interfaceHDMI Input2
VGA Input1
AV Input1
AV Output1
USB 2.02
LAN Input2
WIFIWIFI 2.4G *1, WIFI 5G *2
Earphone Output1
Operation System Win 7/8/10 trial version
 OPS PC box
CPUIntel i3,i5,i7 optional
Sound cardIntegrated
LAN Input1
Windows interfaceHDMI Output1
VGA Output1
USBUSB2.0*2, USB 3.0*2
Audio1 × LINE-OUT & MIC-IN 
Power Button1
Front interfaceUSB 3.02
Touch Pen1
Camera Built in 8MP Camera,SIX array microphone
Voltage100~240V  50/60HZ
PowerMax power≤95W without OPS≤135W without OPS≤195W without OPS≤285W without OPS≤500W without OPS≤880W without OPS
Standby power<0.5W
Built-in speaker8Ω/12W*2
Storage Temperature一10℃ to 60℃
EnviromentStorage Humidity10% ~ 60%
Working  Temperature0℃ to 40℃
Working  Humidity20% — 80% 
General infoPacking size1370*880*1801600*1000*2001800*1130*2002060*1270*2002360*1433*2802650*1580*280
N.W (KG)27KG40KG56KG72KG98KG120KG
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JPOK Display Interactive Display Solution

High-Quality Screen: Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant visuals with our JPOK Display, featuring an explosion-proof glass screen that guarantees durability and safety. With its industrial high-performance screen, enjoy unparalleled image clarity, brightness, and stability, ensuring a viewing experience like no other. Upgrade to 4K for crisp, colorful images that leap off the screen.

Built-In Operating System (OS): Seamlessly manage content files and control presentations with our customized built-in operating system. Tailor the display experience to suit your customers’ interests, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable interaction.


Easy Data Control: Take charge effortlessly with two operating options – remote control via wireless connection (WiFi, 3G/4G/5G, or Bluetooth) or simple USB Plug and Play functionality.

Storage: With the demand for high-quality media files increasing, JPOK Display offers ample storage capacity, both internally (ranging from 1GB to 8GB) and externally via USB, HDD, and SSD, ensuring you never run out of space for your content.

IPS Commercial Grade Panel: Say goodbye to viewing angle limitations and color reproduction issues with our IPS (In-plane switching) commercial-grade panel, designed to deliver superior performance compared to TFT screens.

24/7 Continuous Usage: Designed for uninterrupted performance, JPOK Display can operate continuously for long hours and days, making it perfect for commercial use in any setting

Centralized Terminal Devices Management: Take control with our cloud-based content management system, allowing real-time control and insights into smart digital players, empowering remote management of content, display schedules, and more.

Eco-Friendly Power Timer: Save energy and reduce costs with our eco-friendly power timer feature, allowing you to schedule hourly, daily, or weekly power on and off times. Enjoy efficient energy consumption and the convenience of standby mode during periods of inactivity.

Multiple Versatile I/O Ports: Experience seamless connectivity with a wide range of audio and video inputs and outputs, including SD card, USB Flash, HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB, and RJ45 ports, ensuring fast dynamic picture quality without delays or frame loss.

Multiple Configuration: Customize your JPOK Display with multiple level options, offering processors from Dual-Core to Octa-Core and OS versions from Android 7.1 to Android 12. Choose your preferred OS between Android, Windows, Linux, or standalone OS for a personalized experience.

Lifetime Technical Support: Enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime technical support, ensuring assistance throughout the warranty period and beyond. Our dedicated team is here to provide free technical support for any inquiries or issues you may encounter.

Warranty: Rest assured with our full one-year commercial warranty (Extended warranty optional) covering defects resulting from faulty parts, materials, or manufacturing. JPOK Display is built to withstand 24/7 use in public spaces, ensuring long-lasting performance and customer satisfaction.

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